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Motel The Village, A renowned resort which is located in Rajkot-Gujarat, serves you the delectable food with all the urban amenities. The place called Motel The Village gives you extraordinary atmosphere with metropolitan conveniences to hang-out or chill out with your family. We believe in “Athiti Devo Bhavah”, and you will surely feel it when you will experience it. MTV have many special zones like, Nrutya Mandir, Selfie Zone, Indoor Games, Spa World, Adventure Sports and many more.



Mr. Mansukh Premji Popat was the founder of prestigious Motel The Village Resort established on 29 September, 1990.

Shree Kakubhai Popat

Mr. Mansukh Premji Popat (Kakubhai) the founder of Motel The Village was the motivational and inspirational personality, who motive many people all over the world. Kakubhai has three sons, namely, Mr. Dharmesh Popat, Mr. Yogesh Popat and Mr. Hitesh Popatand plus two daughters, namely, Dipti ben and Darshna ben. Mr. Kakubhai was born on 10 January, 1937, very hardworking as well as well-maintained in every field; well known example is “Motel The Village”. He was Graduated from PDM College and learned of B – Pharmacy. His father was businessman who sales clothes, but he established UNO medicals in the Jamnagar city of Gujarat state. It was pioneer medical store that was open 24 hours for best service in Saurashtra. He was very meticulous, which give him a profit of 1 lakh per day which is countless at that time. But after sometime UNO agency was established, which was followed by UNO chemist. That gives new inspiration to him, to study in the field of construction. He visited Hotel Kama at Jamnagar which was situated front of the ST bus stop after that travelled many countries like Switzerland, Africa, USA and had an idea to establish MTV just on the highway where the travelers can have a short break, rest for a while, have food and again persist their trip. He also wants to build a hotel near a petrol pump which remove barrier of low fuel. After the success of MTV, he established “Las Vegas The Village” in the city of Jamnagar in 1998. He also established Maratha The Village in Lonavala, Maharashtra in 2005. He was so kind and divine; he was made a farm house known as “Shreejidhaam” for the charity work, where people get relax and peace.

Mr. Mansukh Popat (Kakubhai) was worked really hard to make MTV on the top and well-known. He was so confident and has faith to reach on top; he was struggled with his three sons, namely, Mr. Dharmesh Popat, Mr. Yogesh Popat and Mr. Hitesh Popat. To achieve this dream he bought the plot and also started construction in the year of 1985. His son Mr. Hitesh Popat is CA by profession who has manage and handle MTV, Mr. Yogesh Popat is also well educated and got degree in Civil engineering, who supported his father to achieve their dream, His third son Mr. Dharmesh Popat is an Architect, who design and planned structure of MTV. The architect of Motel The Village was Nilkanth Shah form Ahmedabad. Ex-Mayor of the Rajkot city, Mr. Vajubhai Vala, Who inaugurate Reeyo Motel The Village Resort. Second best achievement was, Mr. Rajnibhai Patel of Galaxy Group, his daughter named Sita Patel got married in the year of 1990 in MTV. Early days, Mr. Yogesh and Mr. Dharmesh are also stay in Rajkot and give their support to manage Motel The Village. In the starting years of Motel The Village, There was so much struggle, at that time, Mr. Dharmesh would go for the purchase of products by himself and Mr. Hitesh would look after the kitchen. But after sometime Mr. Yogesh shift to Jamnagar to build the Las Vegas situated at Jamnagar while Mr. Dharmesh Popat wanted to become a saint. So, Mr. Kakubhai and Mr. Hitesh came to the Rajkot and started to look after Motel The Village.

MD Chairman of Reeyo Motel the Village Resort Pvt. Ltd.


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Motel The Village, Gujarat’s leading resort has been fascinating guest from the last twenty years. Resort is highly popular for frazzled out with families plus honeymooning couples, each age group preferred to visit this resort. USP of the resort are delicious food, an excellent feeling of village environment, plus vast area for wedding function or special occasions. Variety in food like Mexican, Thai, continental, Indian, Chinese &Kathiyawadi cuisine makes MTV first priority for banquet.

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