Kids Party

In our MTV , there’s an arrangement for each and every group and age of class of people, Kids or children can have blast with the bang on.

Kids party can be organized where ambience will be created homely and pampered. So kids will be feeling like warmly welcomed and nestled.

Birthday Party

As per our party venues , Theme or set base birthday bash can be thrown by anyone.Just tell us date of birthday.We’ll make your birthday life long not only for you but all members who attends the party of birthday.

Such a nice arrangement of balloons , Set , or theme base set up , buffet of unique dish , cake , performance and above that can be conducted by us..

Family Events

Any family events can also be arranged by us specially for you. Just , you need to tell us number of guests and date , all the responsibilities of your family events will be taken off from your shoulder onto ours. So you can enjoy your own function with the immense relaxation and sit back and relax!

Corporate Event

Corporate gigs’ can also be arranged with perfect venue i.e. our conference hall with all mandatory equipment and then followed by special meal . Our professional planner will arrange an event in such a way that that will make feel all corporate giants something extra treated and pampered with the friendly ambience.

Ring Ceremony

Let celebratory hues come alive with ring ceremny at mtv resort..!! The perfect combination of venues & menus to host your occasion with perfection !making your occasions a bouquet of celebrated momentsall to perfection!


Motel The Village Resort, Rajkot very proudly hosted Kite Festival 2018 in Collaboration with RED FM, The Event: Red FM ke PatangBaaz was a fabulous One Day outing for all the enthuthiastic Patang Baazers of Rajkot. Loud Music, Kaipo Chhe Screams & Fun Unlimited made the ambiance even more joyful with the famous RJ panels of Red FM and MTV Team.