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Motel The Village, A renowned Resort which is located in Rajkot-Gujarat, serves you the delectable food with all the urban amenities. The place called Motel The Village gives you extraordinary atmosphere with metropolitan conveniences to hang-out or chill out with your family. We believe in “Athiti Devo Bhavah”, and you will surely feel it when you will experience it. MTV have many special zones like, Nrutya Mandir, Selfie Zone, Indoor Games, Spa World, Adventure Sports and many more.

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We are much more than just a resort. We offer an all round experience that is unparalleled by other resorts in the city/state. Apart form our stellar accommodation facilities, the resort has branched out to offer food, relaxation and event management services.
This Are various facilities you will get in our premises

Relevant Services

Vasali is cozy and perfect for small family dinners or big parties! The restaurant is surrounded by beautiful kalamkari paintings and traditional mud mirror art on all sides so you can marvel at some of India’s oldest handicrafts. This is the perfect place to start location for breakfast, lunch or dinner! The restaurant is open throughout the day to serve guests.

Give your taste buds something new to savor with our regional cuisine and international cuisine specialties, made by our dedicated chefs.
Elegance and sophistication are the hallmarks of Kathputli. Taste our wellness menu made with locally sourced organic ingredients to start or end your day on a high note. The perfect ambience, along with knowledgeable staff who are ready with recommendations is why this is one of our most popular dining spots in the resort. .

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.” –Virginia Woolf
At Motel The Village, we try to offer a unique culinary experience that takes our guests on a journey of tastes and spices. Our chefs are on hand to create your favorite dish, should you wish so.

We want our guests to leave the restaurant with a delighted feeling and a happy heart! We will fulfillyour craving for just about anything your stomach demands!
Our philosophy is “Atithi Devo Bhava”, which means our guests are of the utmost importance. Our head chef understands our motto and ensures that each ingredient is purposeful and yet each bite is indulgent and imaginative.

We combine the thrill of the perfect ambience with a rich culinary experience.
Valentine’s day, anniversary, birthday or surprises, let us set the perfect mood for your precious moments. Planning a surprise proposal? Our candle light dinner is the best way to ask the most important question of your lives. From décor to a customized menu, let us make your candlelight dinner special and a moment to remember forever. Candle Light Dinner At the MTV/Quick Bite Café, we offer delicious cuisine that is a favorite amongst the younger generation. Grab a quick bite with our famous grilled cheese, cold coffee, veggie wraps and creamy milkshakes. We guarantee that our café serves finger lickin’ delicacies MTV Café/ Quick Bite Cafe

One of our newest and most luxurious accommodation options, the Presidential Suite will definitely put you in a relaxed frame of mind. The suite is perfect for families with kids or couples on their honeymoon.

The luxurious rooms are spacious and feature a plunge pool one part of the suite. No need to go anywhere else for a swim, because there is a personal pool.
Presidential Suite
Looking for a luxurious stay at a stunning resort? Our Premium Cottages are the perfect choice. Take a dip in your personal swimming pool, or have fun with an extraordinary experience in our 22-feet high rain shower. Our impeccable service and hospitality will make you feel at home. Premium Cottages Enjoy the privacy offered by our Cottage Suites. Fully air-conditioned and offering all the amenities, this is perfect for when you want to take a break from the rigors of routine life. Each cottage has round the clock service, LCD TVs, mini fridge, and a soft, comfortable bed. Cottages The Premium Deluxe Suite offers stunning views of the gardens located behind the rooms and cottages. Warm, cozy and homely, this deluxe suite has an attached bathroom with modern fittings Premium Rooms The super deluxe suite has two rooms, which is perfect for a family on a vacation. Enjoy the beautiful garden views or lounge in the suite for a relaxing day off. Standard Rooms

IThe Upper Dome is our partially covered venue with a covered roof supported by gorgeous pillars. This venue is situated on the first floor. Perfect for corporate events, birthday parties, picnics, marriage functions or fashion shows! You tell us what you want, and we will design everything for you. Customized decorations, a personalized menu and everything else you wish for!.

Upper Dome Capacity - From 350 To 500 ANY EVENT WILL BE YOURS , PLANNING WILL BE OURS. Farewell Function



Sangeet Sandhya
Corporate Events



Customer delight is our first priority. This marvelous venue is available for any big life event you want to celebrate. The Giriraj Dome is covered with a safe roof but is open on all sides, so you get the best of everything.
When you stay with us, you celebrate with us! We will take you through the entire planning process where you make choices and we do the planning. This is the perfect venue because of its proximity to nature.
Our event planning team is on hand to make sure everything is just the way you want it, whether you are planning a reception, sangeet, a lavish party or an outdoor wedding shoot.
Your dreams are about to become reality at Motel The Village where we believe in “Atithi Devo Bhava”
Giriraj Dome STAY WITH US... CELEBRATE WITH US ! Social Function


Birthday Fuction

Sangeet Sandhya
Kitty Party



Capacity - From 200 To 350
An indoor venue that will wow you for sure. The hall can seat 325-400 guests. The Natraj Hall is the perfect location for an indoor wedding, reception, party, a fun DJ night, Garba function, Mehendi function or a conference. With ample space, we can create any type of décor you want, from a selfie booth to a product display table.

This hall has witnessed many important life events. Share yours with us too!
Natraj Hall Capacity - From 325 To 400 ANY EVENT WILL BE YOURS , PLANNING WILL BE OURS. Reception


Mehandi Function

Sangeet Sandhya
Corporate Events



Capacity - From 250 To 550 The Royal Dome is an exclusive wedding venue. Did you always dream of a unique wedding? Did you always dream of a royal wedding? Well, this is the perfect venue for you. Get married in a unique mandap that is located on top of our artificial lake. This is a unique, one-of0a0kinf mandap with a revolving stage and a rain shower as thebackdrop.

With a capacity of up to 550 guests, this location is perfect to make your wedding dreams come to life. All you have to say is one word and your perfect life moment will take place in this elegant location.



Fashion Show

Corporate Events

Pool Party


The quintessential party lawn is our most sought after venue. The lush lawn, surrounded by a plethora of trees creates an incredibly romantic setting. This is our biggest venue and seats over 2000 guests. Party Lawns Capacity - From 1500 To 2000 YOU HAVE BEEN DREAMING ABOUT THIS DAY FOR A LONG TIME... NOW ITS TIME FOR US TO MAKE IT REAL. Reception


Mehandi Function

Sangeet Sandhya
Corporate Events

Musical Events

Exhibition & Social Events

Fashion Show

At MTV, you can show off your dance moves any day of the year at our discotheque. Aptly named the Nrutya Mandir, the discotheque is equipped with state of the art light and sound systems. Our dance floor lights up as you step on it! This is one of the only discotheques in the state that is open throughout the year. Nrutya Mandir Learn an ancient art form with our live pottery! Our pottery master is trained in creating some of the most beautiful shapes and designs you will ever see. Get your hands dirty and create something on your own, or choose one of the many stunning pottery pieces created by our pottery master. Live Pottery Experience the breathtaking live rope show at Motel The Village. Our skilled artists have years of training in this art and can balance a wooden pole perfectly on a tightrope. Spend some time watching our artists for the ultimate entertainment experience. Live Rope Show The art of storytelling with puppets has been around for years! It is one of the cornerstones of Indian culture, and we bring it to you at the resort. This Rajasthani experience is something you should not miss. Bright colors, extraordinary stories and a treat for the entire family, the live puppet show tells folk stories and ancient legends with a fervor you won’t see anywhere else. Live Puppet Show Motel The village offers a unique look into India’s culture, so of course, we make sure our guests can enjoy some live sangeet with their extravagant meals. We invite well-known artists from all over the country to serenade our guests with their melodious voices. Live Sangeet A melting pot of cultures, our resort is home to artists who are exceptionally skilled! The Rajasthani live folk dance is a performance of some of the most common folk dances from this state. Watch the scintillating Ghoomar dance, the astounding Kalbeliya dance, the awe-inspiring Kathputli and the many other displays of the dancer’s skills.

Experience Rajasthani culture, in the heart of Gujarat!
Live Rajasthani Folk Dance
MTV has dedicated an entire section for all our guests who love taking selfies. We have a decorated scooter, an entire wall filled props and decorations that change depending on the festival. Take a group-fie or a selfie at our fantastic and fun selfie zone. MTV Selfie Zone AT MTV, we cater to the entire family, not just the adults. We have a specially built children’s play area and an outdoor area. With swings, slides, a trampoline and different rides, children can spend hours here. We even have a mini zoo for kids. With fish, rabbits and many other animals, we encourage parents with kids to explore and learn about animals. Just For Kids There is never a dull moment at MTV. During special events, we have a tarot card reader, a henna artist, a tattoo artist and a magician at the resort. You can have your fortune told or get a temporary tattoo while enjoying your time at the resort.

If you want to enjoy a quite moment surrounded by nature, we encourage you to visit the Buddha Cave. Enjoy the beautiful sound of the waterfall that runs throughout the year and feel a little closer to nature
Explore MTV

Sounds exciting, right? Completely safe and a great activity for both children and adults, Zorbing is the newest adventure activity in town. Our staff will help you get strapped into a ball. A gentle push and the adventure begins. Experience the outdoors with the pulse-raising activity. Zorbing Bang bang! Gather your friends and see if your aim is just as good as any Olympic shooters aim. Our trained staff will help you load and position the rifle, while you get to pull the trigger and have fun.

This thrilling activity lets our guests compete with friends and family in a fun environment.
Rifle Shooting
Come join the action and take your best shots at.

Craving for something a bit more exciting and fun? Visit our Paintball Court for what we like to call a colorful adrenaline rush! Imported equipment and trained staff will give you the experience of a lifetime. Load up and hit your targets with a rainbow of colors.
Paint Ball Target Shooting LOAD UP AND TAKE AIM!
Our action packed adventure sports also have an archery arena. Take a bow and position your arrow to get that perfect aim. Our experts will teach assist you to hit the bull’s eye. This sport has been around since ancient times, so why not try your hand at it? The release of the arrow is an exhilarating experience you must enjoy at least once Archery Darts are a fun way to pass time when you visit the resort with friends or family. We have a dartboard and a full set of darts. This is the perfect game when you want to challenge your cousin or friend to win the game. Darts Row away to happiness in the calm waters of MTV’s very own lake. We provide all the equipment to the guests and all they need to do is to row the boat. This fun activity is also quite relaxing one of the most favorite things to among our guests. Boating Put on your sumo costumes because it is wrestling time. Sumo wrestling is a fun activity where guests don puffed up sumo costumes and wrestle with each other. The key is keeping one’s balance. We have experts on hand to help you get into the suit and help you get up if you lose balance.

MTV is all set to introduce new adventure activities including rope adventure activities and a climbing wall in the near future. Keep visiting us to know when the adventures will be unveiled.
Sumo Wrestling
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  • A religious work was asked by P.A. of Shree Pramukh Swami Maharaj to Shree Kakubhai Popat. And without wasting a single minute and following “Delay is Dangerous” philosophy Kakubhai showed his readiness to give away anything which is supportive for society, for his contribution for society He was honored by Pramukh Swami Maharaj himself.
    The inspirer and present guru of BAPS, Swaminarayan Sanstha, (Swaminarayan Mandir, Kalawad Road, Rajkot)
  • Basically I belong to Rajkot city, and currently I work as a finance minister for Gujarat. Whenever I visit to Rajkot for some or the other work, I found that entrepreneurship in Rajkot is flourishing day by day. All the entrepreneurs of Rajkot make great efforts to make Rajkot city name synonyms with entrepreneurship. “Shree Kakubhai Popat – Owner of Motel The Village”, is one of those entrepreneurs who taught all Rajkotians about motel concept and his efforts in hospitality industry for Rajkot are courageous for every Rajkotians. Every visit of mine at Motel The Village I found something new at Motel The Village in terms of development, theme wedding concept, conference and many more, I heartily wish good luck and pray to almighty for “Shree Kakubhai Popat, Hiteshbhai Popat and Motel The Village to remain synonymous with Hospitality.
    Cabinet Minister of Finance, Labour & Employment, Government of Gujarat,India.
  • If you visit Rajkot, You must go to “MOTEL THE VILLAGE”, where you will be treated to the Best Hospitality India can offer.
    Equities, Forex, Technical Analysis Strategies, Platform Immersion and Personal Trading Plan Instructor Online Trading Academy Sky Park Circle Suite 140 Irvine, CA 92614 USA

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