Holy Basil Plant

The tulsi plant or the holy basil plant is one of the most sacred plants in India. The plant is seen near the entrance of homes and is considered very auspicious. The plan is seen as a manifestation of the Goddess Tulsi on earth, who was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu.

At MTV, we want to preserve our culture and traditions, while educating the new generation about ancient beliefs and value systems. The Tulsi plant also offers wellness and medical benefits that we want everyone to know about.

The plant has a special place in our hearts and guests visiting MTV will find this plant at various spots in the resort.

Lord Shiva Temple

Our tribute to Lord Shiva is located right by the entrance. Do pay Lord Shiva a visit and take in the beautiful urban and semi-urban architecture of his abode. Each space in the temple is decorated with traditional motifs to offer peaceful and serene vibes to our guests.

Lord Hanuman Temple

Lord Hanuman is known as the conqueror of the wind, the destroyer of miseries and a symbol of auspiciousness. Lord Hanuman, too, deserves a special place in our homes. MTV is a place to let go of all your worries and miseries and enjoy these few special moments. Bow down to Lord Hanuman and we are sure he will make you feel holy form inside.

Cave Waterfall

The perfect selfie location, our cave waterfall is a spot in the resort that will make you feel closer to nature! Find a spot and look at the mesmerizing waterfall and you will feel extremely peaceful from inside.

Stepped Waterfall

As you enter the resort, you will hear the soft sounds of water flowing over something. Take a look on the side and you will see our step waterfall, which is like music to the ears. The soothing water, traditionally painted walls, surrounding shrubs, and plants all contribute to the breathtaking beauty of this waterfall

Indoor Games Amenities

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Children or adults, everyone loves games! At Motel The Village, we have a treasure trove of indoor games to keep you occupied for as long as you visit. Play a game of Chess, Carom, Table Tennis, Air Hockey or Pool! We even have a special toy catcher in the resort for those who like using their skills to win a grand prize. For children, we have a special sand pit, a kid’s play area with lots of slides and swings.

Outdoor Adventure Sports

Adrenaline pumping, heart thumping, and absolutely thrilling adventure sports are waiting for you at Motel The Village. From Zorbing to Rifle Shooting to Paint Ball Shooting, our adventure sports will not let you rest for a moment. There is so much to do here and so many enthralling experiences to have.


Krishnamai Ambience

Our holistic approach towards hospitality focuses on the divine as well. Do you know why the ambience of the resort is so calming? This is because the ambience is “Krishnamai”, full of positive things to help you get rid of all your stress. Lord Krishna is the champion of good and destroyer of evil, so let him into your hearts for a dose of divine positivity.

MTV Cafe

True to our Kathiyawadi spirit, our fast food café offers delicious “Katak Bataks” for the guests. At MTV Café, you will find quick snacks that you can eat on the go or enjoy under the wooden canopy. Don’t forget to try our famous grilled cheese sandwich and pizza.

Choco-N-Cake Shop

Time to treat your taste buds to something truly delicious! Straight from the oven, our bake shop features delicious pastries and cakes that will leave you wanting more. No need to go looking for a cake for your celebrations, we can customize one right in the resort for you. 

Super Special Amenities

If you are looking for something out of this world, we have something special in store for you. Our super special amenities feature boating in the resort lake, a large trampoline for some jumping fun, and a giant outdoor screen that shows matches and movies.

If you are looking for an activity that will take you on cloud 9, the super special amenities are just for you.


Outdoor Games

Take a trip down memory lane with our old-school outdoor games. Shoot a few balloons and challenge your friends to a game of darts. Or even better, win some prizes with the ring throw game or knock down some cans! Go crazy and refresh all your childhood memories with our selection of the most exciting, fun and nostalgic outdoor games.


Our village themed resort takes you to a real village. Within the resort is a well, which is not something you find in the city these days. This is a reminder to us of our roots, our traditions and a way for us to merge the urban with the rural, and the modern with the traditional.

Banyan Tree

We believe the staying close to nature is the perfect recipe for a peaceful, calm experience. The giant banyan tree was planted years ago when the foundation for the resort was laid down. Today, it was grown into a giant tree that offers a cool shade to our guests.

Budhha Cave

The Buddha Cave is best enjoyed at nighttime. With the backdrop of the waterfall, the illumination of the colorful lights and the artistic bamboo work and wall paintings are a masterpiece! Buddha, who preached about a calm mind and heart, has a place in the resort to make sure our guests enjoy the same.

Eye View Mini Garden

The mini garden was created after years of careful planning, dedication, and hardwork. It is just like a real garden, just smaller. There are numerous miniature or dwarf plants planted on the miniature patio. These trees are a part of our sustainable environment effort and can thrive on its own!

MTV Celebration Zone

The MTV celebration zone is a unique spot in the entire resort. This zone is decorated for each festival. Our events team takes great care to brings ideas to the table that capture the essence of each festival in this one corner. The MTV celebration zone is a cause for happiness for all our guests. From Janmashthami to Christmas to Navratri, each festival is celebrated with the same grandeur.